Mid-Autumn 2023: Lunar Voyage Premium Mooncake Gift Set 探月之旅 (tàn yuè zhī lǚ)精美中秋礼盒 | Nationwide Delivery

Mid-Autumn 2023: Lunar Voyage Premium Mooncake Gift Set 探月之旅 (tàn yuè zhī lǚ)精美中秋礼盒 | Nationwide Delivery

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This is Pre-Order item, Delivery starts from 1st September 2023

In ancient times, people often expressed their emotions through the distant glow of moonlight. However, as technology advances, we now have the ability to bring the moon closer to us. With our latest creation, the "Lunar Voyage" gift set, we invite you to embark on a journey where imagination becomes reality, boundaries are shattered, and the captivating art of technology unfolds.
Each element of this gift set is carefully crafted to evoke the enchantment of the moon while embracing the wonders of technology. From the mesmerising futuristic look of our carry-on luggage to the delectable mooncakes and fragrant teas, "Lunar Voyage" celebrates the harmony between the ancient and the modern.

Join us as we transcend time and space, discovering new dimensions in gifting. Together, let's embrace the limitless possibilities of art and technology, forging a path where the moon is not just a distant vision but a tangible symbol of connection and inspiration.

What’s inside:
“中“ Taro Potato Mooncake 紫薯芋泥精美月饼 (80g) x 1 – A unique and delicious flavour, combining the earthy and nutty notes of taro with the sweetness of the pastry. Taro potato mooncakes are a popular choice for those who enjoy the distinct taste and texture of taro, offering a delightful twist on the classic mooncake.
“秋“ Matcha Azuki Mooncake 抹茶红豆精美月饼 (80g) x 1 – Savour the exquisite combination of matcha (powdered green tea) and azuki (sweet red bean paste). The matcha imparts a vibrant green colour and a distinctive, earthy taste to the mooncake, while the azuki filling adds a delightful sweetness and smooth texture. With its vibrant green hue and smooth texture, this mooncake is a delightful treat for matcha enthusiasts, offering a perfect balance of flavours.
”快” Chocolate with Yolk Mooncake 单黃巧克力精美月饼 (80g) x 1 – The rich and velvety chocolate filling, complemented by a perfectly cooked salted egg yolk, creates a harmonious combination of sweet and savoury flavours that will satisfy even the most discerning chocolate lovers.
”樂” White Lotus with Yolk Mooncake 单黄白莲蓉精美月饼 (80g) x 1 – Immerse yourself in the classic taste of tradition. The smooth and fragrant white lotus paste, paired with a perfectly balanced salted egg yolk, encapsulates the essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival, offering a timeless delicacy that never fails to delight.
Old Yunnan Pu-Erh Tea Premium Pack 云南七子饼普洱熟茶 x 1 –"月下品茶,中秋情深" signifies the deep connection between tea and the Mid-Autumn Festival. As friends and family gather under the moonlight, they sip on fragrant teas, engaging in heartfelt conversations and cherishing the moments of togetherness. The ritual of tea-drinking becomes a symbol of unity, harmony, and appreciation for the beauty of nature. Each sip of tea during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a moment of reflection, a pause in the festivities to appreciate the simple joys and the blessings of life.
Lunar Voyage Carry-on x 1 – Your travel companion to the Moon, impeccably designed for your lunar expedition, ensures the safety and accessibility of your precious cargo—sweet mooncakes and fragrant tea. More than just a bag, as you venture into space, it transforms into a vessel embodying the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival, allowing you to savour the delectable mooncakes and sip on the fragrant tea.
Astronaut Moon Night Light x 1 – Featuring an astronaut gazing at a miniature moon, let the Astronaut Moon Night Light transport you to the joyous gatherings, moonlit walks, and heartfelt celebrations of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Basking in its gentle, soothing glow serves as a reminder of the moments filled with laughter, togetherness, and shared traditions under the moon's luminous presence. May the Astronaut Moon Night Light evoke a sense of warmth and connection, igniting cherished memories and the celebratory spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival within your heart.
Boarding Pass Greeting Card x 1 – A one-of-a-kind greeting card designed in the style of a boarding pass. The personalised details include the name, date, time, flight, and destination: the moon. More than just a card; it's a cherished keepsake that captures the imagination and transports the recipient to a world of wonder and exploration. Let your greetings take flight and carry your family and friends on a celestial journey to the moon, filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments.
Lunar Voyage Gateaway Card x 1 – As you open the carry-on luggage, you are greeted with a gateway card. This unique card serves as your passport to a journey beyond imagination, where the wonders of the moon and the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival intertwine. Let it transport you to a realm of enchantment, where moonlit nights and cherished traditions come alive.
Lunar Voyage Stickers (6pcs) x 1 – Under the moon's gentle glow, Mid-Autumn reveals its radiant show, captivating hearts with celestial delight. Let the cosmic exploration unfold as we immerse ourselves in the enchantment of this festive season. Mid-Autumn’s spirit can’t hide, for it shines like a guiding light, illuminating every gathering and celebration. This Mid-Autumn, join us on a Lunar Voyage. Let's ignite our sense of wonder and embark on a moonlit adventure that will leave us over the moon, forging unforgettable memories under the moon's luminous embrace.

Product Information:
Approximate weight: 4kg
Approximate dimension: 29 × 20 × 9 cm
1. Taro Potato Mooncake
Yam Paste, Honey Purple Sweet Potato Paste, Plain Flour, Golden Syrup, Alkaline Water, Peanut Oil, Melon Seed, Food Coloring.
2. Matcha Azuki Mooncake
Red Bean Paste, Green Tea Lotus Paste, Plain Flour, Golden Syrup, Alkaline Water, Peanut Oil, Melon Seed, Food Coloring.
3. Chocolate with Yolk Mooncake
Chocolate Paste, Salted Egg Yolk, Plain Flour, Golden Syrup, Alkaline Water, Peanut Oil, Food Coloring.
4. White Lotus with Yolk Mooncake
Lotus Paste, Salted Egg Yolk, Plain Flour, Golden Syrup, Alkaline Water, Peanut Oil, Food Coloring.

Colour: Actual colours may vary due to every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.
Disclaimer: Due to each mooncake is fully handmade, each batch of mooncake colour will be slightly different.
Props: This gift does not include props used for the photoshoot

Delivery Fine Print: 

  • This is Pre-Order item, Delivery starts from 1st September 2023
  • The delivery takes 3-5 working days to arrive for West Malaysia while 7-14 working days are based on estimation by courier service. 
  • The vendor is not responsible for any delays by courier service.
  • Nationwide Delivery


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