More Festive Christmas Gift Boxes From Claire Organics! 🎄

More Festive Christmas Gift Boxes From Claire Organics! 🎄

Claire Organics Has Officially Joined Us! A huge welcome to Claire Organics as they help promote mindfulness and relaxation through their viable and natural soaps, essential oils, body scrubs, and more! Their ingredients are perfectly curated to relieve itchiness, sensitive skin, and overall creating a calming mood for the body and soul. Not only is it healthy, but its' natural... View more
Tanamera Has Joined Us!

Tanamera Has Joined Us!

🍃 Keep Thriving With New Wellness Kits 💆 Based in Shah Alam, Tanamera offers spa and wellness kits that will surely alleviate you into forgetting about your stressful week. With their raw materials sourced from rich and luscious rainforests, it signifies what they believe - natural remedies, traditional Asian treatment, and the healing power of tropical herbs and essences. Their... View more
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