Shipping & Delivery


On-Demand Delivery: items that are delivered on a specific date selected by customer and is delivered by a runner.

Nationwide Delivery (Courier Service): items that are shipped in parcels (no specific date can be chosen). For eg. Poslaju, Skynet and more.

Select the relevant delivery category from drop-down menu as shown below:

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* Kindly note that all terms and condition below are standard unless stated otherwise on product page. *

How do I know if an item is sent by personal delivery or courier service?
Items that are sent via on-demand delivery/ runner will have a delivery date that you can choose. Items that are sent via courier service will not allow specific delivery date to be chosen. Do refer to the product page for the terms & condition.

When will my recipient receive the gift?

If you have chosen a delivery date on the delivery date column given, the gift will arrive absolutely on the delivery date you have chosen! 


There is no delivery date column on my order, when will my gift arrive?

If you were not required to fill in the delivery date, it will mean that the item is sent via courier service. At the bottom of the product page, there will be a timeframe stated on how long it will take for your item to be shipped / delivered. Please note that the days stated is only based on estimation and vendor is not responsible for any delays caused by courier services. 


Will my gift be sent up to the receiver in the building?

Our vendors would definitely love to send to doorstep, however, unfortunately it may not always be possible due to security & registry issues, traffic condition, or parking difficulties. In such cases, the delivery person will need to wait for the receiver at the lobby to avoid further delays. If the item is sent by courier companies, item is usually left with the reception if they are willing to receive on behalf. If not, the item will be sent to a designated post office nearby and receiver will need to collect the item from post office. 


What time will my item be delivered?
For on-demand delivery, items will be delivered between 10am-5pm (kindly refer to product page for accurate timeframe). For items shipped via courier service, delivery time by courier service will be 9am-6pm (Mon-Fri only) (for exceptional cases to deliver an item at a specific time, kindly chat wit our team for further assistance). 


What happens if the recipient is not around when the delivery man arrives?

For on-demand delivery items, the delivery person will call the recipient and if the recipient isn't around, vendors will leave the items where recipient has instructed to. However if the recipient is not at the workplace or not answering the phone, they will leave with the reception/outside the house/neighbor  (redelivery / redirecting to a new address requested is subject to additional surcharge determined by seller). Strictly no refund is possible if delivery fail to happen when recipient is not around.

For items shipped via courier, the courier service will leave with the reception and get signature of the receiver of the parcel. If the reception/guard is not present or will not accept the parcel, they will leave a note and request the recipient to collect at the post office stated in the note. (Please Note: Giftr / seller has no control over the protocols / delivery timeframe / delays by courier service company).

Courier service is also not able to call to ensure recipient is home before delivery according to their protocol. They are also not allowed to leave in the postbox as certain residences / office does not allow unauthorised visitors to enter premises. If the item is left unattended in the post office for more than 7-10 days, it will be then returned to the vendor and a reattempt of delivery will require the purchaser to pay for redelivery fee as the courier will not refund the previous fee. All processes will follow courier service's normal protocol and we hope you understand we have no control over it :(


If my receiver is not around, can the item be redirected to another address?

For on-demand deliveries, the vendor will do their best to make it possible.  However, a redirection of address may not always be possible to happen on the same day as the delivery routes have been pre-arranged by the vendors and a change of direction may cause all following deliveries to go through a huge delay. If the vendor is not able to redeliver on the same day, redelivery will happen on the next day. A reattempt of delivery / redirection fee will incur and is subject to charges by vendor. 

For courier items, it is possible to redirect to a new shipping address only if the item is returned by courier company to us, which is usually 7 days after the item is being abandoned at the post office if the receiver does not collect them. Reattempt courier fee will also need to be borne by gift sender. Reattempt will only happen after payment has been made.  If the item is still in the possession of the post office, they unfortunately will not be able to redirect to a new address. 


How can I track the delivery of my order?

For on-demand delivery items - unfortunately there is no live tracking for door-to-door delivery as vendors will utilise their outsourced delivery company or in-house delivery guy who does not have the tracking system like courier services. Once the item is delivered you will receive an email notification, however kindly note that the time of the email sent to you may not be realtime as vendors await responses from their delivery person. 

For items shipped via courier - once the vendor ships out, you will receive an email notification with your tracking number and you can begin tracking the following day.


Can I cancel my order / ask for a refund if recipient is not around?
Kindly refer to our cancellation policy here 


I placed an order for more than 1 item, will all my gifts arrive at the same time?
If the gifts are fulfilled by different vendors, then the gifts will arrive separately. If you have chosen products that are fulfilled by the same vendor, the items will most probably arrive together.


The gift I want to purchase takes requires booking in advance, can I order and get it earlier than the booking days required?
If the item you choose allows you to select a delivery date, you can chat with our team to check if the gift you want to purchase can be delivered on an earlier date. If the item is shipped via courier service, the lead time is entirely dependable on the courier service and we won't be able to expedite any earlier.


Can I change my delivery date or card message?

Changes of delivery date / card message to an order can only be made min. 48 hours in advance provided the item has not been processed. This is subjected to available slots and if the delivery has not been pre-aranged.


Can I pickup my purchase at your office?
Oops! Unfortunately not! However, some of our vendors do provide pickup option. If you see a pickup option, you may select "Self Pickup", and we will email you the full pickup address after purchase is made. (applicable for items such as flowers, cakes, balloons, chocolates only).


I mistakenly filled in the shipping address as the billing address. What do I do about it?
You can choose to do nothing about it - as our vendors will not include the bills along with the gift. However, we definitely want to capture the correct details (especially your phone number) of the senders so do email/chat with us to provide the correct billing address and we'll edit it on your behalf :)

How will I know if my gift is delivered?
For on-demand delivery, you will receive a notification email which notifies you that the vendor has completed the delivery. For items shipped via courier service, once a seller has shipped the item out from their warehouse/office, you will receive an email that consists of your tracking number. You may use the tracking number to track the following day.


What happens if I have provided a wrong address / wrong contact number?

In the event if our vendors are unable to attempt the delivery due to the wrong address / contact given, the delivery may be reattempted but with additional charges. Charges would vary depending on vendor. The delivery may also be reattempted on the next day instead as it depends on the delivery slot. In this scenario, kindly note that no refund is possible.


 Can I choose the courier service provider for my item?

Unfortunately we are not able to allow customers to choose the preferred courier as vendors reserves all rights to send via their preferred courier.