Why Giftr

At Giftr, we believe in adding values to our customers as we strive to offer you a seamless gifting experience. Why Giftr?

Price Guaranteed

Products sold on our site by sellers are sold at the same price as sellers offering on their own stores. This is applicable to items sold by our sellers only. Items sold by Giftr are inclusive of shopping and service fee and you may find that the charges differ from original manufacturer or brand. 

Example 1: Item sold by seller (Sold By XXX)

Example 2: Item sold by Giftr 


Personalized Message 

Want to send a sweet message or words of encouragement? With Giftr, all our gift items come with greeting card for you to insert your very own message to your loved ones.


Exclusive Offers

Giftr partners with our esteemed sellers to offer you exclusive deals. Get special rebates or exclusive deals offered by sellers, available on Giftr only!