A Little Cheese Making Kit – Fresh Cheese Making Under An Hour (West Malaysia Delivery)

A Little Cheese Making Kit – Fresh Cheese Making Under An Hour (West Malaysia Delivery)

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  • You can make your fresh cheese in under an hour. This kit can make 9 different kinds of cheese like mozzarella, burrata, cottage cheese, ricotta, cream cheese, paneer, halloumi, chevre, squeaky. No ageing, no frustration, just full of fun and healthy homemade cheese.
  • So why DIY when you can buy? It is so much healthier obviously. We are eating so much processed food nowadays which contain lots of preservatives, antibody, pesticide, additives etc. You know exactly what you put in. Also, there are so many flexibilities. For instance, you can control the portion you want especially fresh cheese which usually turns bad after 1 week. You can even put your favourite homegrown herbs in your cheese and try to make the perfect version that you like from time to time.
  • This cheese kit can make up to 50liter of milk. With just milk and some basic kitchen equipment, you can kick start this DIY project. The kit is vegetarian and gluten-free. This could be a presentable and fun gift for your loved one. It has a 1-year shelf life, so it is one of the key points that the gift recipient can enjoy DIY the cheese anytime they like. They can make up to 5kg of cheese with this kit. Just imagine how many per cent of the return is made with this kit.
What’s inside?
  • Rennet x 1: To coagulate milk, rennet is one of the main elements to make cheese. Our rennet is vegetarian friendly and it can use on 50 litres of milk. Just imagine how much cheese it will become.
  • Citric Acid x 1: A weak acid compound and natural preservative that you can find in citrus fruits such as lemon. It is key to transform milk into cheese.
  • Cheese Salt x 1: Add flavour to your cheese with Himalayan cheese salt.
  • Thermometer x 1 Timing and temperature of the milk is crucial to determine the success of your cheese. A thermometer will make cheesemaking so much easier.
  • Measuring Spoons Set x 1: This mini measuring spoon has a smaller scale that can measure the smaller volumes of ingredient which is perfect to make a small batch of cheese.
  • Cheese Knife Set x 1: Our cheese knife set includes a cheese fork, a small spade, a narrow plane knife and a flat chiselled cheese knife. These knives are adorable and perfect accessories for a cheese lover.
  • Cheese Cloth x 1: A fine muslin cloth to separate your cheese with your whey. It is reusable,
  • Instruction Guide x 1: Just follow the instruction and you can make 9 different fresh kinds of cheese on your own.
  • Keepsake Wooden Box & Handwritten Card x1: All of the gift items are painstakingly arranged in round wooden A complimentary handwritten card will be enclosed with your gift.
  • IMPORTANT: No cheese, milk inside


What kinda milk should I buy?

  • Raw milk means uncooked, unpasteurised, unhomogenised milk. Raw milk contains live bacteria, enzymes bringing stronger curd and higher yield. However, some recipes, it will ask for different milk such as goat milk and skim milk. Just follow the guide, you will be able to make your preferred cheese.
Is it easy to make cheese? What is the most important tip to make cheese?
  • It’s extremely easy to make cheese with this kit. The common issue people might face is curd can’t be formed. It usually leads to one problem which is the major ingredient in cheese, milk. So make sure buy the correct type of milk, we recommend raw milk for most of the cases. Other than that, just follow the guides and temperature correctly, you will be good.

How long can I keep my cheese?

  • These are all fresh cheese. Consume within 7 days.

Box Measurement: 16.5 × 16.5 × 9 cm

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