Famous Amos Chinese New Year 2020 Premium Hamper RM1199 (CNY 2020)

Famous Amos Chinese New Year 2020 Premium Hamper RM1199 (CNY 2020)

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Hamper C20-01 – RM 1,199

  1. Famous Amos Floral Octagon 6 Flavors 450g
  2. Famous Amos La Rosa Red Tin L 4 Flavors 340g
  3. Famous Amos Flat Box Choc Chip Pecan 220g
  4. Famous Amos Vertical Box Choc Chip Macadamia 220g
  5. Famous Amos Elegant Rose Tin Original Choc Chip 170g
  6. Famous Amos Round Orange Tin Original Choc Chip 170g
  7. Famous Amos Gift Box Original Choc Chip 150g
  8. Alfredo Tin Royal Chocolate 240g
  9. De Amos Hazelnut 3 Layer Dark, White, Milk Chocolate 200g
  10. De Amos Milk Chocolate 180g
  11. De Amos Blueberry & Strawberry Chocolate 160g
  12. Nabati Richoco Wafer 160g
  13. DH Abalone in Brine Soup (10’s) 100g/425g
  14. Brand’s Bird Nest Rock Sugar 6Btlx70g
  15. Brand’s Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps 6Btlx70g
  16. Jolly Wally Fortune Cookies in Cylindrical Canister 8pcs
  17. Jolly Wally Pineapple Rolls 30pcs
  18. Jolly Wally Choco Rocks in Lock & Lock Container M 85g
  19. Cubic Wafer Milk Chocolate 126gx2
  20. Jardin Chest Box
  21. Decorative Ribbon & Greeting Card
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