Set Of 4 Baker's Cottage Mooncake (Assorted Flavours) [Halal] 麦可思月饼 | (West Malaysia Delivery Only)

Set Of 4 Baker's Cottage Mooncake (Assorted Flavours) [Halal] 麦可思月饼 | (West Malaysia Delivery Only)

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  • Type: Food & Snacks


These mooncakes would come packaged in a box. Design of box would subject to randomicity.


  • Descendants of the Moon:
  • Red Bean 红豆 (Vegetarian) 180g
  • Pure Lotus Single Yolk 单黄纯莲蓉 180g
  • Pandan Lotus 香叶莲蓉 (Vegetarian) 180g
  • Precious Black 黑龙珠 (Vegetarian) 180g**Pure charcoal powder butter pastry skin; Pure white lotus paste (no added cane sugar) with chunky dried longan and natural wolfberry lotus paste (no added cane sugar)*
  • Perfect Unity
  • Green Ruby 红豆抹茶 (Vegetarian) 180g *Green tea butter pastry skin wrapped around a rich red bean filling, encasing a deliciously fragrant green tea lotus paste centre. The generous sprinkling of melon kernel seeds provides a delicious crunch for even better enjoyment.**独特的抹茶奶油香烤皮包裹着滑顺的红豆馅,再搭配清新的绿茶绿豆内馅。加上瓜子的点缀,口感层次更为丰富。*
  • Taro Single Yolk 香芋金沙 180g *The perfect combination of traditional Cantonese-style baked skin with a decadent yam lotus paste filling, sprinkled with crunchy melon kernel seeds. An aromatic pumpkin and salted egg Jingsa surprise awaits in the centre.**传统广式香烤皮与绵密香芋莲蓉馅的完美结合。搭配咸香的金瓜咸蛋金沙内馅及瓜子,甜中带咸,交织出绝妙的口感。*
  • Mixed Nuts 伍仁 180g *A blend of a variety of nuts such as almond, walnut and melon kernel seeds gives this mooncake a great biting texture. Every bite yields a delightful surprise.** 杏仁、核桃和瓜仁种子等各种坚果的混合物使这款月饼具有极佳的咬感。每一口都会带来令人惊喜的惊喜。*
  • Pearl of Harmony 夜明轩(黑芝麻豆馅单黄) 180g*Perfectly baked golden brown pastry skin wrapped around black sesame seed paste, yellowish mung bean filling and a golden satled egg yolk at the center to form an attractive and tasty 3-layer mooncake**完美烤制的金黄色酥皮包裹着黑芝麻糊,黄色的绿豆馅,中间是金黄色的蛋黄,形成诱人美味的三层月饼*


  • HALAL Certified
  • Beehive Chocolate will accept no liability for damaged products due to mishandling during delivery. Regardless, rest assured all items will be bubble wrapped & packed in a carton sleeve with fragile sticker on them as a preventive measure.
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  • Kindly follow up with your parcel with the courier service as for any unclaimed parcels, an additional cost for re-delivery will be borne by customers.
  • Refund: For returned items due to rejection / unclaimed, a partial refund can be arranged with deduction of courier charge, handling & processing fee (RM8) and subject to the condition of the items being returned.


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