Mooncake Festival 2023 | Mid-Autumn Reunion Gift Hamper | (Klang Valley Delivery Only)

Celebrate traditional with this Mid-Autumn assortment of classic baked mooncake and festive delicacies.   Product Details: -  Taiwanese Green Tea Mochi 210g  Taiwanese Peanut Mochi 210g  Pure Lotus Single Yolk...

Mid Autumn 2023: Luminous Lunar [Klang Valley Delivery]

Step into the mystical moonlight garden with our Mid Autumn 2023: Enchanted Moonlight Garden collection, where beautiful flowers bloom under the luminous moon. Introducing our Luminous Lunar giftset - filled...
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Mooncake Festival 2023 | Moonlight Mooncake Gift Hamper | (Klang Valley Delivery Only)

Celebrate traditional with this Mid-Autumn assortment of classic baked mooncake and festive delicacies.   Product Details: -  Starbucks Coffee Mocha 88g  Taiwanese Green Tea Mochi 210g  Taiwanese Peanut Mochi 210g ...

Mid Autumn 2023 Mooncake Set (Klang Valley Delivery)

This Mid Autumn Mooncake Set is perfect for celebrating the festivities of 2023. It features 1 x 180gm Lotus Mooncake, 1 x 180gm Pandan Mooncake, 2 x Japanese Designer Koi...

Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya | Mid Autumn Snow Skin Mini Mooncake 2023 Set (Klang Valley Delivery)

Celebrate your Mid Autumn Festival with Luxurious Crystal Crown Hotel Mooncake.Mid Autumn Festival is an amazing time of year with gift giving and celebrations with family. Our iconic Mooncakes are...
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Autumn Elegance Mooncake Gift Set 秋韵雅致 Set B (Mid-Autumn Festival 2023) | (Klang Valley Delivery)

Unlock the Splendor of Mid-Autumn with MyLittleGift's Autumn Elegance 秋韵雅致Mooncake Gift Set Content: 🥮 1x Orange Acrylic Gift Boxes With Handle & Tassel 🥮 4x Cylinder Boxes 🥮 4x Mooncakes...
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Assorted Lave Mooncake Gift Boxes 2x | Klang Valley Delivery Only

2 GIFT BOXES Each Box has 4 pcs Assorted Lava Mooncake Gift Box:  Brownie Lava Mooncake Matcha Brownie Lava Mooncake Salted Eggyolk Lava mooncake Plain Rabbit Mooncake The Lava Mooncake...

Mid Autumn 2023: Pine Wood Box with Mooncakes (Klang Valley Delivery Only)

2 pieces of Special Mooncake in our Window Wood Pine Gift Box. Flavour : Shanghai Mooncake with Golden Emerald paste and  Apple Allure with Golden Emerald paste (1 piece each)...

Mid-Autumn Royalty Bamboo Basket | 富丽堂皇 Mooncake Festival 2023 (Klang Valley Delivery)

Featured 4 mooncakes: 1 pcs x Lotus Double Yolk 双黄莲蓉 1 pcs x Lotus Single Yolk 单黄莲蓉 1 pcs x Jade 翡翠月饼 1 pcs x Durian 榴莲月饼 Dragon Tea Cup...

Mooncake Festival 2023 Enlighten Set (Klang Valley Delivery)

Included: Mini Mooncake x 6 pc Rabbit Candy Flower Tea Cube x 2 pcs Mini Orchid x 1 pot Brown Basket x 1 Delivery Area Zone A- KL/PJ Zone B...

Mid-Autumn: Mooncake Festival 2023 | Peace Mooncake Giftset 中秋平安月饼礼盒 | (Nationwide Delivery)

Features: Peace Giftset  Lotus Traditional Mooncake 110G X 1pc Red Bean Traditional Mooncake 110G X 1pc Pandan Traditional Mooncake 110G x 1pc Durian Traditional Mooncake 110G x 1pc Soap Flower...

Chocolate Republic 2023 Floral Mooncake Gift (Autumn Version)

1 box contains 8 pieces of Floral Mooncakes Flavor of floral mooncake: 2 pieces of Beetroot baked skin with Red Bean filling, 2 pieces of Pandan baked skin with Pandan...

Featured Gifts

Build Your Own Gift Box

Instead of choosing from a wide range of preset gift sets, Build & Gift would like to empower you - the sender to curate your own preferred choices of gift...
2 reviews

Justina Preserved Flower Frame (Klang Valley Delivery Only)

This arrangement features Instax photo printing, preserved roses, preserved hydrangea, preserved bunny tale, dried Ruscus, and other fillers. Flower Frame Size: 15cm width x 20cm height Customized wording up to...

Relax, Rejuvenate, Repeat | Massager Massage Gun & Phone Holder Gift Sets (Klang Valley Delivery)

Experience Serenity at Your Fingertips: Introducing Our Massage Machine Gift Set for Blissful Relaxation 1x Brown Kraft Box (19cm x 19cm x 9cm) 1x Customizable Massage Gun (4x Massage Head)...

Birthday & Love Chocolate Box In Blue (Klang Valley Delivery)

4 Snicker, 2 Kinder, 3 Kitkat, , 4 Mini Cadbury, 1  Toblerone and , 1 Happy Birthday  Balloon, 1 10cm Bear Flavor of chocolates are randomly chosen Approximate Height 15-inch...
RM89.00 RM79.00
8 reviews

Personalised Gift Box for Him (Klang Valley Delivery)

Features a gift box with Personalised Stainless Steel Water Thermos Flask with Smart Temperature Display, Personalised Coffee Mug, and a Box of Beryl's Chocolate.  Includes: 1 x Personalized Stainless Steel...

Cuddle & Comfort Baby Gift Box | Nationwide Delivery

Discover a delightful assortment of baby essentials within this gift box. From soft and cozy blankets to adorable plush and gentle baby wash, each item is designed to keep the baby comfortable,...
8 reviews

Post Natal Gift Set for Mommy & Baby (Nationwide Delivery)

Features 1pc Perineal Spray for Mama @ 100ml OR 1x Wonder Oil for Baby & Mama @ 100ml 1pc Belly Balm for Mama @ 40g 1pc Nursing Balm for Mama...

Coffee & Tea Break Gift Set (Klang Valley Delivery)

To those who love Coffee & Tea. Why Coffee only? Why Tea only? Why not both?! Features: 1x Thermo Coffee Mug 380ml (14.8cm x 8.8cm) - Add on Personalise Name...

Unwind the Mind Gift Set for Her (Nationwide Delivery)

This is a perfect gift set for your mother! It consists only of the practical things that she will use every day. This set consists of : 1. Silk Charmeuse...
1 review

Messengerco Gift: Personalised LED Temperature Thermal Flask (Nationwide Delivery)

This Custom Branding LED Flask is perfect for any occasion! The flask is made of stainless steel with a unique LED light-up feature that displays your custom logo with a...
3 reviews

Personalised Ceramic Coffee Mug with Constant Cup Warmer Pad Gift Set (Klang Valley Delivery)

Suitable for Birthday, Anniversary, Corporate Gift, Celebration, Appreciation, Valentine's day gift, Christmas Gift. Product Description Product name: 55-degree constant warmth coasters Base material: Tempered glass Rated power: 16W Rated frequency:...
7 reviews

Fruits & Flora 02

Description: Features a beautiful fruit basket made from imported fruits set with 12 stalks of red roses, 6 stalks pink lilies, peacock flowers & leaves. Fruits are randomly selected. In...

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[NEW] What is Build & Gift?

[NEW] What is Build & Gift?

Instead of choosing from a wide range of preset gift sets, Build & Gift would like to empower you -...

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