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  • 6 reviews

    Red Fairy Tale Fruit Box

    Description This box contain 1 type of fruit and 1 bottle cold-pressed juice:- Baby apple (red mini) Seasonal fruit and packaging materials are subject to availability and will be substituted...
  • 11 reviews

    Macarons (Black Box) 6pcs

    Description :Vibrant soft macaron with crispy surface, in 6 different colours, 6 different unique flavours. Raspberry Blueberry Mango Passion Chocolate Mint Chocolate Orange  Yam Contains dairy, egg, soy, wheat, and...
  • 9 reviews

    Fruits Basket 002 (Klang Valley Delivery)

    Purple carnations and daisy flowers mix with greeny and baby breath flower,arrange in grey basket with mix fruits Fruits included orange, red apple, green apple, pear, dragon fruits, persimon and...
  • 8 reviews

    Personalised Gift Box With Mug and Soap Roses (Klang Valley Delivery)

    Features a personalised gift box with Personalised Coffee Mug and soap roses. Includes: 1 x Personalised Coffee Mug - available in light grey, dark grey, light pink, black. 1 x Box of Beryls’ Chocolate ...
  • 32 reviews

    Chocolate Truffles & Pralines (12 pcs) (Klang Valley Delivery Only)

    Description Using imported premium Swiss chocolate, crafted in 12 different unique flavours of pralines and truffles namely  Mango Passion Tiramisu Passion-Tea Spice & Milk Cocoa Truffle Saffron Cookie & Cream Truffle Hazelnut...
  • 8 reviews

    Beautiful Day Fruit Box

    This box contains 5 bottles of Granny Doris's signature cold-pressed juices:- Double Green Orange Angel Dancing Mango Bloody Mary Pink Lady Fresh flowers & Green leaves Message card [ This...
  • 9 reviews

    Gianduja Dark Chocolate Cake

    Description  A bittersweet dark chocolate ganache and cream, layered with fluffy chocolate sponge cake, with crushed hazelnuts, making this a rich, smooth, and less sweet chocolate cake. Additional Optional Items...
  • 5 reviews

    Rose Wood Soap Flower Hot Air Balloon

    Descriptions Features a 16''  transparent balloon filled with rosewood mini balloon. 7 stems of white soap flower. Soap flower itself provides a good fragrance and can be kept for a long...
  • 9 reviews

    Passion (Red Roses with Baby Breath with Ferrero Rocher & Teddy Bear)

    Description:  Features a  beautiful arrangement of 12 red roses set in baby breath flowers accompanied by 8 Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a small teddy bear decorated in a big black 2...
  • 12 reviews

    Only 4 You

    Description:  Features a beautiful bouquet of red roses set in statice, misty blue & peacock flowers, wrapped in classic beige paper. It is accompanied by a small Teddy bear (approximately...
  • 6 reviews

    Opera Cake

    Description : Almond sponge came soaked in espresso, layered with chocolate ganache and espresso buttercream, top with chocolate glaze. Additional Optional Items available: candles, handwritten message on cake & knife...