5 Steps To Tie Your Gift With Love

If you are here because you are not sure where to start in order to get the perfect gift, then you have come to the right place.  Trust me, mastering the art of gift giving is not an easy task. Finding the perfect gift is tough even when you know the person very well. Getting the right gifts is more than trying to avoid gift giving and receiving mistakes. 

You only receive thoughtful gifts in very rare occasion and that is why it is the most treasured gifts of all. Here are the gift giving knowledge that you have to know.

1. Bring gifts whenever you visit

While you were getting ready for a party at you friend’s place, he/she has already spent hours setting up the party. A thoughtful gift simply reflects how much you appreciate their invitation.


2. How to choose the perfect gift?

Consider the recipients, your relation with the recipient and what he/she would like rather than what you would like. If she is not someone who favors nuts, then it is better to get her a fragrant candle than chocolate coated nuts.



3. Wrap your gift

Wrap your gift, this will give the recipient a mystic feel and leave him/her wondering what’s inside. Besides that, it just feels great when you give gifts that is beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.


Here are some easy wrapping ideas that you can try! https://www.buzzfeed.com/alessiasantoro/it-just-gets-ripped-open-in-the-end-anyways?utm_term=.sbdxdzlO5#.rygaPqV4L


4. Write a greeting card

Attach a gift card with your gift, this will help the recipient to remember that you both have spent his/her 18th birthday together. Some gifts can’t be kept for a long period but recipient can always read back the cards received. You can include your greetings or even explain why you bought the gift. 



5. Present your gift personally

Last but not least, bring your gift and give it to them personally. And do not expect them to open it right away! If you are not able to do so, suprise the recipient by sending your gift as a parcel, this will be enough to leave the a big smile in his/her face for the whole day. 



Stay tuned on our blog for more. Gifts giving is a 2 way street, one gives while another receive. Our next blog will be focusing on the ‘Gift Receiving Etiquette’

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