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Build & Share Your Giftlist in 3 Steps

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Introducing Latest Feature: Giftlist

Are you having challenges in remembering product names while browsing through thousand of gifts in marketplace?

Or you didn’t manage to bookmark the page before closing the browser or even worse, you forgot how the gift looks like?

Or you are undecided on which gift you would like to purchase and hope to curate a list for future reference?

Aligning with our mission to improve relationships of our users with their loved ones via seamless gifting experience, we are proud to share with you our latest feature to solve the problems above - Giftlist ✨


gift giftlist wishlist

Position of Giftlist on Desktop View


gift giftlist wishlist

Position of Giftlist on Mobile View


Adding A Gift To Giftlist

Select any gift and click to view the product page.

You may click/tap 'Add to Giftlist' to add the gift.

gift giftlist wishlist bookmark instructions favorites


Alternative, you may add the gift to the list by clicking/tapping on the heart shape icon at the top-right of the product on search page results.

gift giftlist wishlist instructions bookmark favorites


Once you've added the gift to the list, just click/tap on the 'Giftlist' icon and you will see your added items.

gift giftlist wishlist


Share Your Giftlist via Email

Click on the 'Envelope' icon on top of your Giftlist.

gift giftlist wishlist bookmark envelope instructions guide favorites


       Key in your name, recipient's email address with your personalised message & hit 'Send Email'.

gift giftlist wishlist instructions guide bookmark favorites drop a hint


Connect Your Email & Sync Across Devices

Click on the 'Setting' icon on top of your Giftlist.

gift giftlist wishlist


Key in your email address to connect your Giftlist so that it's accessible across all devices.

gift giftlist wishlist


Dropping A Hint Without Using Giftlist

Alternatively, you can drop a hint to your loved ones by clicking/tapping on any of the icons shown above on all product pages via WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger & more!

gift giftlist wishlist drop a hint bookmark instructions favorite

That's it, you are now all set to start building your Giftlist and drop a hint to your loved ones!

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Happy gifting!

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