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Chinese New Year Hampers & Gifts 2021

Chinese New Year is arriving in a month time! 2021 is the year of Ox starting from February 12th, 2021 (Chinese lunar New Year Day) and ends on January 30th, 2022. In Chinese language, Ox is pronounced as "niu" (牛). The image of "niu" in Chinese culture is hard-working and down-to-earth so that it is highly respected by Chinese.

With the festive season is fast approaching, everyone is busy searching for Chinese New Year Hampers & Gifts. If you are having a difficult time searching, we got your back! 👊🏼

Aside from Chinese New Year hampers, there are also gifts ranging from flower boxes, premium wine & champagne gift sets, delicious snacks gift sets, exquisite preserved flowers, & more!



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New Year Celebration GIF by Marina Bay Sands

Enjoy gifting! 🎁

Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.🎊 

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