How To Surprise Your Loved One

Life is so much better when the people you care for are happy and better yet, surprised for their special celebration! Every detail contributes to the overall outcome and although it might look hectic, but when planned effectively, it will be the most memorable way to celebrate with your friends and family for any occasion. Check out our step-by-step guide to taking your surprise from basic to epic!

1. Pick a theme

Whether it's birthday, anniversary, housewarming, grand opening, or graduation, consider the interests and favourites of the person of honour! The theme could simply be the colour scheme of the party, in which it would then help you further in picking out the venue, decoration, music, food, and activities. Another theme could be, for instance if it was a child's birthday party, their favourite game, toy, or movie.

2. Select a venue

The best place to throw a surprise would be where the honoree would never expect. If you are close enough with them where you can surprise them at their own place, it would be even better! Other locations would be at a restaurant, at a friend's place, or anywhere that doesn't scream 'party'.
With the pandemic going on, it is highly recommended to celebrate with less than 10 people, and so suggested venues include your own home, a designated space for such venues, or get creative and do it virtually!
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3. Lock down the guest list

There is nothing sadder than a just two people yelling "Surprise!" Do some research of the honoree's closest and dearest, and connect with them to ensure their attendance in order to get an accurate headcount. They also have to be informed of it being a complete surprise, this includes parking in certain areas, and having alibis if the honoree wounds up asking them to tag along on that day. Most importantly, be aware that the invitations will also have to be secretive. Perhaps the best way would be to create a WhatsApp group so the date, time, venue, dress code, and any other relevant details, will be easily shared there.

4. Pick the refreshments, dessert and decoration

This is a must! Nothing spells out party without food. Don't worry about having too much, it will all get eaten at some point so it will never really go to waste, but not having enough will be stressful and embarrassing. After all, even if everyone keeps saying they’re full, we all know they don’t mean it. Even more so, make the surprise more fancy by adding in the decorative touches, such as balloons, as well as cakes, brownies, or cupcakes that are created specially for them.
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5. Gifts, gifts, gifts!

Nothing can go well without gifting your loved one. It is their special day, and what to make it even more outstanding than the perfect gift? From flowers, personalised items, gift sets, and more, everything would always be appreciated!
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6. Don't forget the person in honor

Remember that they would want to look good as well. The party is for them and there is bound to be many pictures taken. Let them get dressed and take them out on another plan beforehand, so it fits right into the agenda of the surprise. You can perhaps take the honoree for shopping or hi-tea if you are planning to give the surprise at home, so they would already be properly dressed and would feel comfortable after the surprise and have a good time. After all, isn't that what all the hard work was for?  
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

And success! Your well-planned party has gone off without a problem! Well, hopefully. Did they have any idea? Even if they did, they will definitely feel incredibly loved and appreciate all the work their dear ones have done specially for them.


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