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Kanteen's Kitchen Is Now Joining Us!

Joining us today is Kanteen's Kitchen who sells halal and adorable designer cakes and cookies. Most of their cakes are designed with a minimalist concept which makes them simple but aesthetically pleasant. It is suitable for parties, celebrations or to cheer up your dearest loved ones. They will definitely feel like keeping these cute cakes or cookies forever.

Located in Selangor, they also offer surprise delivery service within Klang Valley areas, with some of their cakes able to be delivered the next day! With Deepavali just around the corner, take a look at their Deepavali themed gifts and cakes: ⬇️

Deepavali Gift Box 1

MYR74.00 - MYR334.00

Deepavali Oil Lamp Cake

MYR133.00 - MYR158.00

Deepavali Gift Box 2

MYR94.00 - MYR119.00

Deepavali Peacock Cake

MYR133.00 - MYR158.00



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