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Manners in Receiving Gifts To Master

Struggle in responding to gifts with uncomfortable feeling? We all know that receiving gifts in good manners and responding properly to gift is not an easy mission. Here are some guideline to lead you to good manners in receiving gifts and always remember it is thought that counts!

1. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!

Always receive your gift with two hands and no matter how small it is, be appreciative even when you don’t know what is inside. Express your appreciation by complimenting their thoughtfulness and generosity. 

2.  Read the card first.

Reading the card first shows that you are more concerned in the sentiment behind the present than what’s the gift you’re about to unwrap. 

3. Unwrap it privately.  

Do not open your gift right away, it may appear that you are greedy unless the giver insist you to do so. If you do so, graciously handle gifts even if you don’t like it.  Never allow yourself to show any disappointment in front of the giver.

4. Do not regift.

If you do not like the gift, I would suggest not to regift to your mutual friends with the giver. It would allow more awkward situation to occur. It would be better that you keep it to yourself first, who knows you might need it someday.

5. Thank them in a special way.

You want to say thank you, but not just in any old way. When you say thank you, describe something optimistic or something you like about the gifts such as the color and not to forget to mention the giver’s name and the gift.

These are some tips for you in mastering these receiving etiquette. You don’t have to feel awkward in receiving gifts in the future Thank you for finishing this blog post. It means a lot for each and every of your support. 

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