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Things You Can Write In A Letter/Card

As you can see, we’ve lost the art of letters writing in this era. Many of us have realized that and is trying to bring it back but first, we have to clear all the hesitate on what to write in your letter/card. Here is some examples that you can put in your handwritten letter.

1. Compliment the recipient

Take this letter as an opportunity to say why loved ones are so extraordinary, find ways to compliment their best qualities such as “I'm so fortunate to have such a minding, strong, amusing companion”. 

2. Focus on the year ahead

Emphasize on what you hope this year or the future will brings: happiness, achievement, a new job and celebrations. Customize your letter/card with your personalized goals and plans with the recipient for the year. Write in the spirit of cheerfulness that you wish to spend Christmas together this year. 

3. Include your feelings

If you have not seen each other in a long time, tell them you miss them! You can also include poem that is able to express your mood or sincere feeling. Don’t be afraid to open up your feelings to them. 

4. Focus on an achievement

Congratulate the recipient on their recent achievement. If the recipient is graduating, you can say what impresses you on what he/she has accomplished.

5. Add humor in your letter

Adding humor in your letter would definitely. Inside jokes between the both of you would be a great way to bring back the good times and memories you shared together.  

Let’s bring the art of giving letters back and start communicating in handwritten letter! The letter-writing format should be the last you worry of, what matters most is the the message. Your handwriting and sincere feelings shared with someone you love will be cherished the most. 

Thank you for finishing this blog post. We hope you enjoy reading it. It means a lot for each and every of your support.

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