Top 10 Recommended Cakes & Pastries

We all love cakes! Ok, maybe not all of us, but we have to admit that it is a common sight for almost any occasion! No celebration is complete without these creamy, puffy, spongy sweet delights! And so, we present to you the Top 10 Recommended Cakes & Pastries for this season!


1. Semi Naked Cake

Surprisingly, this cake is suitable for all ages! 😏😏 the Semi Naked Cake is THE perfect option for someone who enjoys a cake flavored cake; with a twist of 4 flavors that would be just nice. not too sweet, not too bland. Ahhh....



2. Brownie Gift Set (Men)

Legend has it that if you want a man's heart, you have to fill his stomach first! The Brownie Gift Set would serve this purpose with its of sweetness and makes him full 😆😅

brownie gift set for men



3. The Let It Go Cake

Related image

No, this is not a cake for breakups. Rather, it is for the lil' ones that are crazy about Elsa and Anna from Disney's Frozen! Why? because which kid doesn't like Jelly and Frozen?

Check out the magical Frozen Jelly Cake down below!



4. #BFF Cake

In case you're from the generation that is before dinosaur, BFF means "best friends forever". This cake is meant for your BFF, or if you're planning to friendzone someone :O



5. Mom's Love Jelly Cake

Nope, mom doesn't like jelly cakes. However, a mom is always sacrificial, this is why we have prepared the ultimate cake, a cake that her children would enjoy more than her! Yes, that's how noble moms are!



6. Classy Floral Croquembouche Tower

Bridal showers are the highlight of any bride-to-be. And just like any event, it deserves a special and memorable cake. Let our Classy Floral Croquembouche Tower be the center of the party!



7. Pink & White Madeleine Tower

This versatile tower is a pleasure to the eye and mouth. One that is suitable for your GF who likes instagram-ing while sharing your love story to the world!

Pink & White Madeleine Tower 



8. DEATH...

This cake is THE ultimate masterpiece. Filled with a sinful mixture of Nutella and Hazelnut, it is an option for those on the dark side. Indulge in the chocolaty treat and literally fat-die-you!

Death By Nutella Cake



9. UNICORNS! No explanation needed

Image result for unicorn gif

It's as magical as it looks. No, seriously it needs no explanation. Feel the magic, feel the rainbow, feel the Unicorn Cake!



10. Mars Bar Cheesecake

Truly, this is the sweetest, loveliest, best-est cake you'll ever taste. The Mars Bar Cheesecake is soft, chewy and and filled with THE perfect texture bound to satisfy your sweet tooth! PERFECT for your sweeeetheart!




There you go, the top 10 recommended cakes & pastries! Be sure to check our Giftr store for some of the latest, trend-iest cakes and gifts!

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