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Top 10 Unique Cake Delivery Ideas In Kuala Lumpur & Selangor


Overwhelming by a wide range of cake options and no ideas on which cakes to send for your loved ones to celebrate their big days? No worries, we've sorted it out and curated a list of cakes idea to deliver based on the genuine feedback & reviews from our customers, selling rate and their attractiveness. Hope this will give you a hint on choosing the right cake for your special ones.

1. Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake

It’s the season of durian lately. Is your loved one a fans of durian? If it was a yes, this mille crepe with musang king would be your great option! Smooth and creamy durian pastry cream filling in between thin layers of crepes is definitely one of the best delicacies. Guess what, there is real and fresh durian flesh inside the cake and you surely won’t be disappointed by it’s amount. The lingering taste of sweetness & a hint of bitterness of musang king make people addicted to it and can't stop themselves to taste the next pieces of cake. 

Price: From RM 137 Only
Customer Review:
Fulfilled by: Yippii Gift

2. Nasi Lemak Cake 


Get bored of regular cake to send or looking for something to substitute the normal cake? Yes, we hear you and here’s a special and unique cake that would blow your mind! Have you ever thought that our national dish - nasi lemak could be served as a cake? This nasi lemak is decorated in a cake-like shape whereby the aromatic santan rice was layered with omelette, wrapped with cucumber slices and topped with homemade spicy sambal, fried peanuts, ikan bilis, and hard-boiled eggs. This is undoubtedly a great choice for those who don’t like ordinary cakes.

Price: From RM 105 Only
Customer Review:
Fulfilled by: Eats and Treats Bakery

3. Red Velvet Cake


For your information, red velvet cake is a type of chocolate layer cake added with red dye to be presented as the attractive scarlet-color. However, this red velvet cake uses beetroot as the natural colorant. The smooth and creamy cream cheese are filling in between the layers of cake and it's topped with some berries which makes it an appetizing cake for celebration. Opt for it if you're looking for special chocolate-layered cakes ! 

Price: From RM79 Only
Customer Review:
Fulfilled by: Junandus
4. Agnes's Favourite Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake

What a stunning, fabulous and sophisticated rainbow mille crepes cake. I guess no one can resist from its colourful appearance and it is definitely a wow factor for everyone. Besides, there are smooth and rich vanilla cream fill within each layer of the fine mille crepe which makes it a scrumptious and perfect cake for celebration and party. Let your loved ones be happy as a unicorn eating the whole rainbow!

Price: From RM 113 Only
Customer Review: 
Fulfilled by: Yippii Gift

5. Burnt Cheesecake 


Basque Burnt Cheesecake has been becoming one of the trendiest cakes in town recently. Everyone is crazy with it’s beautiful burnt and cracked exterior and the super creamy interior. The bitterness of the burnt exterior mixed with the sweet and creamy interior helps to balance each other out. If your loved ones a cheesecake lover, this burnt cheesecake would no doubt be the best option for him/her.

Price: From RM 79 Only
Fulfilled by: Cakes By Maine

6. Green Tea Sponge Cake 


A big wave to all green tea lovers. Here’s a fluffy green tea sponge cake filled with light pastry cream and Japanese red bean to fulfill your gifting needs for your friends who love green tea too. There is nothing not to love this green tea sponge cake. The combination of bitterness from green tea with creamy texture of cream and last but not least the sweet red bean is so perfect and delightful.

Price: From RM 79 Only
Fulfilled by: Junandus

7. Earl Grey Lotus Biscoff Cake 


This spongy earl grey chiffon with crunchy tropical Lotus Biscoff serves a perfect dessert for any occasion. The nice fragrance from earl grey tea evens out the sweet & greasy taste of the cake. It's so light and fluffy that makes it an addictive dessert. Highly recommended for those who prefer a healthier cake!

Price: From RM 138 Only
Fulfilled by: Re Birth Cake Ventures

8. Devil’s Food Cake 


This chocolate cake is richer, darker, and denser than regular one and assembled together with an equally rich dark chocolate frosting and topped with chocolate ganache where people can enjoy the 3x chocolate flavour. It's super moist and fudgy which makes you forgot about the fats and falling love with it! Let’s satisfy your loved ones' taste buds now!

Price: From RM 130 Only
Fulfilled by: Cakes By Maine

9. Fan-Ten-Tic Cake 


No more cracking your head to think of what flavors of cake to choose for your loved ones. Straight away get them to enjoy a combo of 10 different flavors of mille crepe cake from salted caramel to mango & passion. Share it with your family and friends and let them to try out the combination flavors of mille crepe cake at one time!

Price: From RM 129 Only
Fulfilled by: Junandus

10. Pastel Dream Cake 


This cake is obviously a beautiful, elegant, classy, stunning and simply fabulous work of art all wrapped up in the cake. You may concern that it's taste might not live up the expectation as the good-looking exterior. Fret not, the salted caramel chocolate cake with the macaroon would sweeten up your life and won’t let you down. In addition, the cake is freshly baked by our top-rated seller.

Price: From RM 195 Only
Fulfilled by: Elevete

All cakes are available for delivery within major cities in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor at different delivery charges. Choose a specific date and opt for same day delivery (applicable for selected cakes) now!


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